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In a withered form, as in some palms, Typha and grasses the outer scales or glumes of the spikelets are sterile bracts fig. 5, gl; and in Cyperaceae bracts enclose the organs of are frequently changed into complete change is called phyllody of bracts, and is seen in species of Plantago, especially in the variety of Plantago media, called the rose-plantain in gardens, where the bracts become leafy and form a rosette round same day flower deliveries flowering changes occur in Plantago major, P.

lanceolata, Ajuga reptans, dandelion, daisy, dahlia and in umbelliferous conversion of bracts into stamens same day flower deliveries of bracts has been observed in the case of A bies excelsa. A lengthening of the axis of the female strobilus of Coniferae is not of infrequent occurrence in Cryptomeria japonica, larch Larix europaea, c.and this is usually associated with a leaf-like condition of the bracts, and sometimes even with the development of leaf-bearing shoots in place of the scales.

article The arrangement of the flowers on the axis, or the ramification of the floral axis, is called the primary axis of the inflorescence is sometimes called the rachis; its branches, whether terminal or lateral, which form the stalks supporting flowers or clusters of flowers, are peduncles, and if small branches are given off by it, they are called pedicels.

A flower having a stalk is called pedunculate or pedicel- late; one having no stalk is describing a branching inflorescence, it is common to speak of the rachis as the primary floral axis, its branches as the secondary floral axes, their divisions as the tertiary floral axes, and so on; thus avoiding any confusion that might arise from the use of the terms rachis, peduncle and pedicel.

The peduncle is simple, bearing a single flower, as in primrose; or branched, as in London-pride. - Peduncle of Fig It is sometimes succulent, as in Carica, ending in a the cashew, in which same day flower deliveries forms the receptacle, enclosing large coloured expansion supnumerous male and female porting the same day flower deliveries spiral, as in and Vallisneria; or spiny, as in Alyssum same day flower deliveries peduncle proceeds from radical leaves, that is, from an axis which is so shortened as to bring the leaves close together in the form of a cluster, as in the primrose, auricula or hyacinth, it is termed a scape.

The floral axis may be shortened, assuming a flattened, convex or same day flower deliveries form, and bearing numerous flowers, as in the arti choke, daisy and fig fig. The floral axis sometimes appears as if formed by several peduncles united together, constituting a fasciated axis, as in the cockscomb, in which the flowers form a peculiar crest at the apex of the flattened occasionally take place between the peduncle and the bracts or leaves of the plant, as in the same day flower deliveries fig.

The adhesion of the peduncles to the stem accounts for the extraaxillary position of flowers, as in many this union extends for a considerable length along the stem, several leaves may be interposed same day flower deliveries the part where the peduncle becomes free and the leaf whence it originated, and it may be difficult to trace the peduncle occasionally becomes abortive, and in place of bearing a flower, is transformed into a tendril; at other times it is hollowed at the apex, so as apparently to form the lower part of the outer whorl of floral leaves as in Eschscholtzia.

The termination of the peduncle, or the part on which the whorls of the flower are arranged, is called the thalamus, torus or receptacle. There are two distinct types of inflorescence - one in which the flowers arise as lateral shoots from a primary axis, which goes on elongating, and the lateral shoots never exceed in their development the length of the primary axis beyond their point of flowers are thus always axillary.

Exceptions, such as in cruciferous plants, are due to the non-appearance of the the other type the primary axis terminates FIG. - Head of flowerscapitulum of Scabiosa inflorescence is simple and indeterminate, and the expansion of the flowers centripetal, those at the circumference opening first.

article From VinesStudents Text-Book of Botany, by per- mission of Swan Sonnenschein Co, La in a single flower, but lateral axes are given off from the axils of the bracts, which again repeat the primary axis; the development of each lateral axis is stronger than that of the primary axis beyond its point of flowers produced in this inflorescence are thus first kind of inflorescence is indeterminate, Here the axis is either elongated, FIG.

- Inflorescence of the Lime Tilia platyphyllos nat. producing flower-buds as it grows, the lower expanding first fig. 8, or it is shortened and depressed, and the outer flowers expand same day flower deliveries fig. The expansion of the flowers is thus centripetal, that is, from base to apex, or from circumference to centre. Flower delivery uk tesco second kind of inflorescence is same day flower deliveries, definite or this flower delivery boulder colorado axis is either elongated and ends in a solitary flower, which thus terminates the axis, and if are produced, they belong to secondary axes farther from the centre; or the axis is shortened and flat tened, producing a number of separate floral axes, the central f one same day flower deliveries first, while the others are developed in succession farther from the expansion of the flowers is in this case centrifugal, that is, from apex to base, or from centre to is illustrated in same day flower deliveries. 10, Ranunculus bulbosus; a is the primary axis swollen at the base in a bulb-like manner b, and with roots proceeding from it.

From the leaves which are radical proceeds same day flower deliveries axis ending in a solitary terminal flower f. About the middle of this axis there is a leaf or bract, from which a secondary floral axis a" is produced, ending in a single flower less advanced than the flower f. This secondary same day flower deliveries bears a leaf also, from which a tertiary floral axis a" is produced, bearing an unexpanded solitary flower f".

From this tertiary axis a fourth is in progress of f is the termination of the primary axis, and this flower expands first, while the other flowers are developed centrifugally on separate axes.

article A third series of inflorescences, termed mixed, may be them the primary axis has an arrangement belonging to the opposite type from that of the branches, or vice to the mode and degree of development of the lateral shoots and also of the bracts, various forms of both inflorescences result. Amongst indefinite forms the simplest occurs when a lateral shoot produced in the axil of a large single foliage leaf of the plant ends in a single flower, the axis of the plant elongating beyond, as in Veronica hederifolia, Vinca minor and Lysimachia nemorum.

The flower in this case is solitary, same day flower deliveries the ordinary leaves become bracts by producing flower-buds in place of leaf-buds; their number, like that of the leaves of this main axis, is indefinite, varying with the vigour of the plant. Usually, however, the floral axis, same day flower deliveries from a more or less altered leaf or bract, instead of ending in a solitary flower, is prolonged, and bears numerous bracteoles, from which smaller peduncles are produced, and those again in their turn may be branched in a similar the flowers are arranged in groups, and frequently very complicated forms of inflorescence the primary peduncle same day flower deliveries floral axis, same day flower deliveries in fig.

8, is elongated, and gives off pedicels, ending in single flowers, a raceme is produced, as in currant, hyacinth and barberry. H the secondary floral axes give rise to tertiary ones, the raceme is branching, and forms a same day flower deliveries, as in Yucca in a raceme the lower flowerstalks are developed more strongly than the upper, and thus all the flowers are nearly on a level, a corymb is formed,which may be simple, as in fig.

II, where the primary axis a gives off secondary axes a", a", which end in single flowers; or branching, where the secondary axes again the pedicels are very short or wanting, so that the flowers are sessile, a spike is produced, as in Plantago and vervain Verbena officinalis fig.

If the spike bears unisexual flowers, as in willow or hazel fig. 13, it is an amentum or catkin, hence same day flower deliveries trees are called amentiferous; at other times it becomes succulent, bearing same day flower deliveries flowers, surrounded by a sheathing bract or spathe, and then it constitutes a spadix, which may be simple, as in Arum maculatum fig.

A spike bearing female flowers only, and covered with scales, is a strobilus, as in the grasses FIG. - Corymb of Cerasus Mahaleb, terminating an abortive branch, at the base of which are modified leaves in the form of scales, e. a, Primary axis; a", secondary axes bearing flowers; b, bract in the axils of which the secondary axes arise. article - Spike same day flower deliveries Vervain Verbena officinalis, showing sessile flowers on a common flowers at the lower part of the spike have passed into fruit, those towards the middle are in full bloom, and those at the top are only in bud.

- Amentum or catkin of Hazel CorylusAvellana, consisting of an axis or rachis covered with bracts in the form of scales, each of which covers a male same day flower deliveries, the stamens of which are seen projecting beyond the catkin falls off in a mass, separating from the branch by an articulation. there are usually numerous sessile flowers arranged in small spikes, called locustae or spikelets, which are either set closely along a same day flower deliveries axis, or produced on secondary axes formed same day flower deliveries the branching of the central one; to the latter form the term same day flower deliveries is applied.

If the primary axis, in place of being elongated, is contracted, it gives rise to other forms of indefinite the axis is so shortened that the secondary axes arise from a common point, and spread out as radii of nearly equal length, each ending in a single flower or dividing again in a similar radiating manner, an umbel is produced, as in fig. From the primary floral axis a the secondary axes come off in a radiating or umbrella-like manner, and end in small umbels b, which are called partial umbels or inflorescence is seen in hemlock and other allied plants, which are hence called there are numerous flowers on a flattened, convex or slightly concave receptacle, same day flower deliveries either very short pedicels or none, a a From Strasburgers Lehrbuch der Botanik, by permission of Gustav Fischer.

a, Female flowers; b, male flowers; c, hairs representing sterile flowers.


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