Discount flower delivery in canada

They even give great service on mothers day or Valentines day. They keep me out of trouble and that is worth a 5 or more. Ashby Flowers has been at the corner of Ashby Telegraph discount flower delivery in canada years. They always have a great selection, and the premade bouquets are a great deal. They also have a selection of balloons, stuffed animals, vases, cards, etc. I ordered my wedding flowers from Ashby Flowers, as well christmas tree decor flower delivery petals to create a layer on the isle and more to throw as we walked down the isle.

I told Marcy to make whatever bouquet she thought was best we didnt have "colors" or anything and I was very pleased with how it turned out. However, the total cost was nearly twice what I expected but I didnt do my proper duty of creating a contract.

article Oh how disappointed I am in Ashby Flowers. The review stating they give great service on Holidays was no where to be found on my last visit there. What a shame!On the way to meet the celebrate yet another horrible American holiday I made a detour from Oakland to Palo Alto and stopped in Berkeley first just to make sure that I had some great flower arrangements to present to the wonderful women in my life.

I arrive at the flower shop to find that the wonderful 10 arrangements have gone up to 15. With the intention of buying 5 bouquets and expecting a certain price, I ask if there is any way I can get a discount on the 5 bouquets. I understand prices are being raised on EVERYTHING but a 30 increase is pretty significant. so I ask for a instead of receiving a respectful or professional reply of no or sorry maybe next time I am received with a scoff and a "Are you kidding.

Not today?!" These are the prices Im discount flower delivery in canada. Im getting charged so-" So I pay the 81 Fing dollars and walked out feeling jipped. I arrive to my loved ones and place the flowers for my ma in a vase, only to find that the arrangement is half the size that it would usually include!Half the flowers for one and a half times the price?!Thanks but no thanks, Next time Ill find a local place where I know my business is appreciated.

article This is the closest flower shop to where I live, but a friend of mine who lives in Oakland regularly drives here to get her flowers, even discount flower delivery in canada there are a dozen closer places where discount flower delivery in canada could go.

Everyone connected with the shop is friendly and knowledgeable. Theres a great selection of flowers, at more-than-fair prices. They can create amazingly artistic arrangements from your my vague ideas. Discount flower delivery in canada never had a bad experience discount flower delivery in canada Ashby Flower you give them a try, you may find that like my friend youll be willing to drive past other flower places some of them perfectly decent to get your flowers here.

This is a great little Berkeley establishment that has always done a better job for me than the much nearer florists to my Oakland I find an inexpensive mixed bouquet out front discount flower delivery in canada I like 10-15 and ask Marcy to add some flowers to it.

Ill point out some that appeal to me occasionally Ill even get the name of the flower right and shell help with color and advise on whether theres a better choice. Today I asked for a 40 max and the very fresh bouquet was just what I wanted; it barely fit into my car it was so big.

article Excellent. Brilliant. This place made me look real good in my girlfriends eyes for valentines day. She disregarded the fact I had one eye that worked and 3 noses on my was my first time not getting my flowers from Safeway and discount flower delivery in canada me tell you with a discount flower delivery in canada planning flower shops are worth the money. I told them my girls favorite flowers were and they made it happen. Roses, lilies and birds of paradise were the three I asked for.

I have a hard time trying to get birds of paradise at a grocery florist only downside about Ashby flower shop, is they dont sell milk and job asked me if I wanted to just give a credit card so I didnt have to wait in line to I had to do was go to the back and pick them up. Best moment was when I picked up the flowers and so were other saw my and said good guys. But hey were all winners we went the extra mile and went to a flower shop.

I am safe in betting we discount flower delivery in canada got some valentines day action that night. I had a great experience with Ashby Flowers, when having flowers delivered.

I hear the flowers were fresh and arranged nicely. article Ashby Flowers is awesome. I work for Berkeley High School and am the Inclusion Specialist. I work with kids who have special needs and many of them come from low income families. I had a few going to Jr Prom and was helping them out in any way I could.

I called Marcy to order corsages and boutonnieres and let her know my situation. When my second grandchild was born, Discount flower delivery in canada asked them to please send something extra special the day the baby brother was coming home for the Big Sister.


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