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The peduncle is simple, bearing a single flower, as in primrose; or branched, as in London-pride. - Peduncle of Fig It is sometimes succulent, as in Carica, ending in a the cashew, in north vancouver congratulations flower delivery it forms the receptacle, enclosing large coloured expansion supnumerous male and female porting the nut; spiral, as in and Vallisneria; or spiny, as in Alyssum the peduncle proceeds from radical leaves, that is, from an axis which is so shortened as to bring the leaves close together in the form of a cluster, as in the primrose, auricula or hyacinth, it is termed a scape.

The floral axis may be shortened, assuming a flattened, convex or concave form, and bearing numerous flowers, as in the arti choke, daisy and fig fig. The floral axis sometimes appears as if formed by several peduncles united together, constituting a fasciated axis, as in the cockscomb, in which the flowers form a peculiar crest at the apex of the flattened occasionally take place between the peduncle and the bracts or north vancouver congratulations flower delivery of the plant, as in the lime-tree fig.

The adhesion of the peduncles to the stem accounts for the extraaxillary position of flowers, as in many this flower delivery 77057 extends for a considerable length along the stem, several leaves may be interposed between the part where the peduncle becomes free and the leaf whence it originated, and it may be difficult local flower delivery washington dc trace the peduncle occasionally becomes abortive, and in place of bearing a flower, is transformed into a tendril; at other times it is hollowed at the apex, so as apparently to form the lower part of the outer whorl of floral leaves as in Eschscholtzia.

The termination of the peduncle, or the part on which the whorls of the flower are arranged, is called the thalamus, torus or receptacle. There are two distinct types of inflorescence - one in which the flowers arise as lateral shoots from a primary axis, which goes on elongating, and the lateral shoots never exceed in their development the length of the primary axis beyond their point of flowers are north vancouver congratulations flower delivery always axillary.

Exceptions, such as in cruciferous plants, are due to the non-appearance of the the other type the primary axis terminates FIG. - Head of flowerscapitulum of Scabiosa inflorescence is simple and indeterminate, and the expansion of the flowers centripetal, those at north vancouver congratulations flower delivery circumference opening first. article From VinesStudents Text-Book of Botany, by per- mission of Swan Sonnenschein Co, La in a single flower, but lateral axes are given off from the axils of the bracts, which again repeat the primary axis; the development of each lateral axis is stronger than that of the primary axis beyond its point of flowers produced in this inflorescence are thus first kind of inflorescence is indeterminate, Here the axis is either elongated, FIG.

- Inflorescence of the Lime Tilia platyphyllos nat. producing flower-buds as it grows, the lower expanding first fig. 8, or it is shortened and depressed, and the outer flowers expand first fig. The expansion of the flowers is thus centripetal, that is, from base to apex, or from circumference to centre. The second kind of inflorescence is determinate, definite or this the axis is either elongated north vancouver congratulations flower delivery ends in a solitary flower, which thus terminates the axis, and if are produced, they belong to secondary axes farther from the centre; or the axis is shortened and flat tened, producing a number of separate floral axes, the central f one expanding first, while the others are developed in succession farther from the expansion of the flowers is in this case centrifugal, that is, from apex to base, or from centre to is illustrated in fig.

10, Ranunculus bulbosus; a is the primary axis swollen at the base in a bulb-like manner b, and with roots proceeding from it. From the leaves which are radical proceeds the axis ending in a solitary terminal flower f. About the middle of this axis there is a leaf or bract, from which a secondary floral axis a" is produced, ending in a single flower less advanced than the flower f. This secondary axis bears a leaf also, from which a tertiary floral axis a" is produced, bearing an unexpanded solitary flower f".

From this tertiary axis a fourth is north vancouver congratulations flower delivery progress of f is the termination of the primary axis, and this flower expands first, while the other flowers are developed centrifugally on separate axes.

article A third series of inflorescences, termed mixed, may be them the primary axis has an arrangement belonging to the opposite type from that of the branches, or vice to the mode and degree of development of the lateral shoots and also of the bracts, various forms of both inflorescences result.

Amongst indefinite forms the simplest occurs when a lateral shoot produced in the axil of a large single foliage flower delivery carrollton tx of the plant ends in a single flower, the axis of the plant elongating beyond, as in North vancouver congratulations flower delivery hederifolia, Vinca minor and Lysimachia nemorum. The flower in this case is solitary, and the ordinary leaves become bracts by producing flower-buds in place of leaf-buds; their number, like that of the leaves of this main axis, is indefinite, varying with the vigour of the plant.

Usually, however, the floral axis, arising from a more or less altered leaf or bract, instead of ending in a solitary flower, is prolonged, and bears numerous bracteoles, from which smaller peduncles north vancouver congratulations flower delivery produced, and those again in their turn may be branched in a similar the flowers are arranged in groups, and frequently very complicated forms of inflorescence the primary peduncle or floral axis, as in fig.

8, is elongated, and gives off pedicels, ending in single flowers, a raceme is produced, as in currant, hyacinth and barberry. H the secondary floral axes give rise to tertiary ones, the raceme is branching, and forms a panicle, as in Yucca in a raceme the lower flowerstalks are developed more strongly than the upper, and thus all the flowers are nearly on a level, a corymb is formed,which may be simple, as in fig.

II, where the primary axis a gives off secondary axes a", north vancouver congratulations flower delivery, which end in single flowers; or branching, where the secondary axes again the pedicels north vancouver congratulations flower delivery very short or wanting, so that the flowers are sessile, a spike is produced, as in Plantago and vervain Verbena officinalis fig.

If the spike bears unisexual flowers, as in willow or hazel fig. 13, it is an amentum or catkin, hence such trees are hartford ct flower delivery amentiferous; at other times it becomes succulent, bearing numerous flowers, surrounded by a sheathing bract or spathe, and then it constitutes a spadix, which may be simple, as in Arum maculatum fig.

A spike bearing female flowers only, and covered with scales, is a strobilus, as in the north vancouver congratulations flower delivery FIG. - Corymb of Cerasus Mahaleb, terminating an abortive branch, at the base of which are modified leaves in the form of scales, e. a, Primary axis; a", secondary axes bearing flowers; b, bract in the axils of which the secondary axes arise. article - Spike of Vervain Verbena officinalis, showing sessile flowers on a common flowers at the lower part of the spike have passed into fruit, those towards the middle are in full bloom, and those at the top north vancouver congratulations flower delivery only in bud.

- Amentum or catkin of Hazel CorylusAvellana, consisting of an axis or rachis covered with bracts in the form of scales, each of which covers a male flower, the stamens of which are seen projecting beyond the catkin falls off in a mass, separating from the branch by an articulation. there are usually numerous sessile flowers arranged in small spikes, called locustae or spikelets, which are either set closely along a central axis, or produced on secondary axes formed by the branching of the central one; north vancouver congratulations flower delivery the latter form the term panicle is applied.

If the primary axis, in place of being elongated, is contracted, it gives rise to other forms of indefinite the axis is so shortened that the secondary axes arise from a common point, and spread out as radii of nearly equal length, north vancouver congratulations flower delivery ending in a single flower or dividing again in a similar radiating manner, an umbel is produced, as in fig.

From the primary floral axis a the secondary axes come off in a radiating or umbrella-like manner, and end in small umbels b, which are called partial umbels or inflorescence is seen in hemlock and other allied plants, which are hence called there north vancouver congratulations flower delivery numerous flowers on a flattened, convex or slightly concave receptacle, having either very short pedicels or none, a a From Strasburgers Lehrbuch der Botanik, by permission of North vancouver congratulations flower delivery Fischer.

a, Female flowers; b, male flowers; c, hairs representing sterile flowers. article - Compound umbel of Common Dill Anethum graveolens, having a primary umbel a, and secondary umbels b, without either involucre or involucel. capitulum head is formed, as in dandelion, daisy and other composite plants fig. 9 and the American button-bush the heads are globular, in some species of teazel elliptical, while in scabious and in composite plants, as sunflower, dandelion, thistle, centaury and marigold, they are somewhat hemispherical, with a flattened, slightly hollowed, or convex the margins of such a receptacle be developed upwards, the centre not developing, a concave receptacle is formed, which may partially or completely enclose a number of flowers that are generally gives rise to the peculiar inflorescence of Dorstenia, or to that of the fig fig.

6, where the flowers are placed on the inner surface of the hollow receptacle, and are provided with inflorescence has been called a hypanthodium. Lastly, we have what are called compound indefinite these forms the lateral shoots, developed centripetally upon the primary axis, bear numerous bracteoles, from which floral shoots arise which may have a centripetal arrangement similar to that on the mother shoot, or it may be we may have a group of racemes, arranged in a racemose manner on a common axis, forming a raceme of racemes or compound raceme, as in the same way we may have compound umbels, as in hemlock and most Umbelliferae fig.

15, a compound spike, as in rye-grass, a compound spadix, as in some palms, and a compound capitulum, as in the hen-and-chickens daisy. Again, there may be a raceme of capitula, that is, a group of capitula disposed in a racemose manner, as in Petasites, a raceme of umbels, as in ivy, and so on, all the forms of inflorescence being indefinite in Eryngium the shortening of the pedicels changes an umbel into a capitulum.

article The simplest form of the definite type of the inflorescence is seen in Anemone nemorosa and in gentianella Gentiana acaulis, where the axis terminates in a single flower, no other flowers being produced upon the is a solitary terminal other flowers were produced, they would arise as lateral shoots from the bracts below the first-formed general name of cyme is applied to the arrangement of a group of flowers in a definite inflorescence.

A cymose inflorescence is an inflorescence where the primary floral axis before terminating in a flower gives off one or more lateral unifloral axes which repeat the process - the development being only limited north vancouver congratulations flower delivery the vigour of the floral axes are thus centrifugally cyme, according to its development, has been characterized as biparous or fig. 16 the biparous cyme is represented in the flowering branch of the primary axis t ends in a flower, north vancouver congratulations flower delivery has passed into the state of its base two leaves are produced, in each of which arise secondary north vancouver congratulations flower delivery t t, ending in single flowers, and at the base of these axes a pair of opposite leaves is produced, giving rise to tertiary axes 1" t", ending in single flowers, and so on.

The term dichasium has also been applied to this form of cyme. article In the natural order Carophyllaceae pink family the dichasial form of inflorescence is very some members of the order, as Dianthus barbatus, which the peduncles are short, and the flowers closely approximated, with a centrifugal expansion, the inflorescence has the form of a contracted dichasium, and receives the name of the axes become very much shortened, the arrangement is more complicated in appearance, and the nature of the inflorescence can only be recognized by the order north vancouver congratulations flower delivery opening of the Labiate plants, as the dead-nettle Lamium, the flowers are produced in the axil of each of the foliage leaves of the plant, and they appear as if arranged in a simple whorl of on examination flower delivery 89431 is found that there is flower delivery virginia central flower expanding first, and from its axis two secondary axes spring bearing solitary flowers; the expansion is thus inflorescence is therefore a contracted dichasium, the flowers being sessile, or nearly so, and the clusters are called verticillasters fig.

Sometimes, especially towards the summit of a dichasium, owing to the exhaustion of the growing power of the plant, only one of the bracts gives origin to a new axis, the other remaining empty; thus the inflorescence north vancouver congratulations flower delivery unilateral, and further development is addition to the dichasial form there are others where more than two lateral axes are produced from the primary floral axis, each of which in turn From Strasburgers Lehrbuch der Botanik, by permission of Gustav Fischer.

- Cymose inflorescence dichasium of Cerastium collinum; north vancouver congratulations flower delivery, successive axes. produces numerous this form the terms trichasial and polychasial cyme have been applied; but these are now usually designated cymose are well seen in some species of term, anthela, has been used to distinguish such forms as occur in several species of Luzula and Christmas tree decor flower delivery. - Flowering stalk of the White Dead-nettle Lamium album.

The bracts are like the ordinary leaves of the plant, and produce clusters of flowers in their clusters are called verticillasters, and consist of flowers which are produced in north vancouver congratulations flower delivery centrifugal manner.


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