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In your experience, what has been the most effective form of self promotion?brA, Hmmm. Well, Id say its a tie between Twitter and Facebook. I am always surprised when I get a flower delivery towson maryland email or tweet from someone that I didnt even know read the blog. It reassures me that these are worthwhile means of promotion. Do you think there is a wrong way to promote yourself or your blog?brA.

In my opinion, tts all a matter of the way some one is promoting their blog is a turn off to me, then I just wont read it but there is probably someone else who Ive said many times before, blogging is such a personal thing. Its totally the bloggers prerogative to promote their blog as they wish.

As the saying flower delivery towson maryland, "All publicity is good publicty. When it comes to others pushing their products, what annoys you?brA. I dont know if there flower delivery towson maryland anything that really annoys me. I guess I will just say that I do not read blogs that are clearly contrived. where the author is clearly just on a mission to have as many readers as possible and their content is sub par. A post by one of our fellow Friend Friday bloggers was actually the inspiration behind this weeks her blog, Dressful she says "its impossible to respect someone who wants all the attention, but brings nothing worthwhile to the conversation.

On the surface, Id say that I do agree; however, what is "worthwhile" is subjective. There is a certain uber popular blog that I wont name that I cant stand to actually read. The written content is just horrible in my opinion, BUT I keep this blog on my reader because I like to flower delivery towson maryland this bloggers outfits. I could care less about what she has to say, but I love the outfits. Ive never left a comment and I dont care to engage with this blogger, but flower delivery in anchorage it, I like the outfits.

If you are looking flower delivery towson maryland rich, thought provoking content this blog might not be considered "worthwhile" but if youre just looking for pretty clothes, its right up your alley. By the same token, my blog is very light-hearted and is primarily my fashion flower delivery towson maryland with a few affordable fashion finds sprinkled in here and there. For those who are looking for high fashion or editorial type flower delivery towson maryland, and thought flower delivery towson maryland fashion commentary, my flower delivery towson maryland is probably not "worthwhile" either.

article Friday Friday was started by the fabulous Katy of Modly Chic as fun way for fashion and beauty bloggers to get to know more about each other. It has also opened the doors for some great dialogue around a variety of topics. Friend Friday membership is open to all fashion and beauty bloggers and wed love to have you join the discussion. If youre interested, visit Modly Chic for more details, or just stop by the link party every Friday and see what every one has to say on the weeks topic.

Update This awesome collaboration was also featured on Teen Vogue along with a shot of the second womans tank in the collection. Check it out here. A couple weeks ago I was contacted to share a collaboration between H M and the Mentor Foundation with my readers. H M has a reputation for staying at the forefront of social responsibility, partnering with the DAA Designers Against AIDS, WaterAid, and UNICEF flower delivery towson maryland name a few. On October 21, H M announced flower delivery towson maryland latest partnership with the Mentor Foundation and unveiled a collection of wild and crazy tanks for women and tees for men, retailing at 12.

The print on these things is awesome. They have a funky collage sorta vibe that is pretty cool. The t-shirt collection is currently available at 45 stores across the US and 25 of the proceeds is being donated to the Mentor Foundation.

T-shirt Courtesy of H M Now, I have to tell you guys that this particular cause is near and dear to my parents have dedicated their lives to helping and rehabilitating former drug addicts. I have WATCHED the people they work with struggle to pull their lives back together after a long hard cheap flower delivery dallas with drug addiction.

Anything that we can do to prevent people from becoming addicted to drugs in the first place is a worthwhile is what Mentor Foundation is all about, with a focus primarily on to say, I was MORE flower delivery towson maryland happy to share this awesome collaboration with you and feature my cool new t-shirt here on The Fashionsta Next Door. I only wish H M had online shopping here in the US so I could link flower delivery queens all to the site.

But of course, if youre interested in purchasing one of these shirts, just brentwood flower delivery your local H M to see if they have them in store. The womans tanks include the pink tank Im wearing and the white tank below.

article I am not sure if you can tell, but the womens tank has a really great cocoon like fit. Its like your standard muscle tank you know what I mean, right.


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If its October, it must be Halloween. A big, bad black spider creeps out from a batch of orange and green blooms in this cute n creepy gift thats a petite holiday one to any friend who loves a bit of fall fun. A mix of fresh orange and green flowers such as spray flower delivery towson maryland, button spray chrysanthemums, carnations and a gerbera accented with preserved oak leaves and a Styrofoam spider is delivered in a square black container. Natural amber comes in every shade of gold and this striking display of fresh spray roses in autumns favorite hues of gold and orange, accented with a few oak leaves, is perfectly precious. A lovely flower delivery towson maryland for a crisp fall day.

These sold out at Cotton Pickin Fair, so weve been hard at work trying to get them back in pima cotton shirt has applique tree, removeable button-bow and comes flower delivery towson maryland coordinating red leggings. article We are having a lot of issues with our yahoo email seems many of you are not getting our replies or they are flower delivery towson maryland bumped to your spam add our email address dizzydragonfly bellsouth. this should help our emails get to the right place. Please know we always respond within a few hours, so if you do not hear from us please send us another email and include your telephone number.

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